This application helps to automate and manage temple counters and accounts. It’s a user friendly, multi- user system with a lot of flexibility and scalability. Tried, tested and used at many major temples, PujaGuru is a benchmark application for devaswom counter management.

Salient Features
  Provision to customize the application by defining the deities, pujas/ offerings. Pujas/ Offerings can be mapped for each deity.
  Provision to see all pujas/ offerings available to a particular deity
  Provision to see all the deities to whom a particular puja/ offering is available.
  Facility to categorize all pujas/ offerings
  Current booking and advanced booking for pujas/ offerings
  Puja/ offering booking available for weeks, months or years with a frequency of daily/ weekly/monthly.
  Multiple beneficiaries for pujas/ offerings in same entry
  Printing of bookings Puja/ Offering for any date or range of dates
  Facility to print advance booking of pujas/ offerings in summary, coupon or register format
  Facility to view/ print/ edit/ delete entries.
  Facility to browse the puja/ offering details with filters on Name, beneficiary, puja, telephone, dates etc
  Provision for entering miscellaneous income such as scrap sale, utility/ amenity rentals, etc.
  Provision to make entries for late payments and to see outstanding accounts
  Facility to print puja coupons and receipts
  Facility to see day-total for any day
  Facility to print advance booking entries
    (Every night after closing the counters, you can print the next day’s booking and hand over it to the priest the next morning)

Optional Module – Purchase
  Add, edit and delete purchase entries.
  Provision for purchase register and date-wise item register

Optional Module – Accounting
  Add, edit and delete Cash/ Bank/ Journal vouchers
  Cash register, Bank register, journal register, general ledger, trial balance, profit & loss account, balance sheet.

Here is a screenshot of data entry screen of PujaGuru application and sample coupons.
Click on them to view enlarged images.
PujaGuru: Temple Counter Management & Accounts System - Screenshot

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